The Transformer intensive

An online course to help you reset your life to reflect what you believe in.

It's time to regret-proof your life.



See your future

Create a life strategy that gets you what you really want.

Eliminate stress

Master decision-making to separate true opportunities from distractions in disguise.

Control your life

Redesign your day-to-day to reinforce how you really want to live.


Want to make a big CHANGE but not sure if you're ready?
Worried you might REGRET your decisions?
Stressed you don't know EXACTLY what you want?


In The Transformer intensive you will:

  • KNOW exactly what you want in your life
  • STOP being held back by expectations
  • CONFIDENTLY make big life decisions
  • LEAP forward with a clear vision and action plan
  • REDESIGN your day-to-day to reflect what you believe in

You really can have the life you want

See what people are saying about previous classes

"This was an amazing adventure! Thank you Kelly for help us to discover our most profound and meaningful selves."

Juan Carlos Valdez
Former student, previous course Find Your Life Purpose

"This class really helped with setting my mind strait with even the plans I've already made, but was afraid to act on. I highly recommend it! it's brilliant!"

Kelly Kyle
Former student, previous course Find Your Life Purpose

"As I've been unclear about life goals & where to even start this made me feel comfortable that I'm now able to better understand the actions I want to take & how to implement them in my life. Great exercise for those who've felt lost like myself."

Alexis Alvarez
Former student, previous course Find Your Life Purpose

"This course really helped me to evaluate what's important to me and to clarify what I want to do with my life. At a time when I've been struggling with feeling like I'm not living up to my potential, this course was fantastic! Thank you!"

Jordyn Stewart
Former student, previous course Find Your Life Purpose

Is it time for a big change?

  • Are you second guessing your life choices?
  • Are you following someone else's dreams?
  • Do you look at the people you work with and think, ‘these are not my people’?
  • Are you worried you might’ve sold-out without even realizing it?
  • Do you worry you might never follow your passions?
  • Are you on the verge of being bored with your life?
  • Do you need MORE?

Create the life you really want

Take the leap from who you are, to who you want to become

Stop wasting time on the wrong dreams.

Make decisions without regret.

Take the best from your past, burn the rest.

Reinforce what you really stand for. 

Know what you’re good at, and what’s holding you back.


Learn at your own pace

Whatever your pace, each module will lead to meaningful changes in how you see yourself and how you choose to live.

Exclusive access

The intensive is available to you anywhere you go, on any device with internet access.

Help and guidance

Get help with course materials anytime, and join group coaching and Q&A sessions.

It’s time to sell-out proof your life.

How many years have you spent with a life of less - less excitement, less passion, less you? Imagine yourself three months from now - will you still be on that hamster-wheel?

What’s included?


Nine modules using audio recordings, video instruction, and worksheets - packed with actionable tactics and practical tools.


86 page downloadable workbook full of impactful quick activities.


Exclusive Q&As, group coaching and personal help when you need it.


Be a part of a cohort of like minded people with shared interests and experiences.

What makes The Transformer intensive so different?

It’s not some good-vibes-only, love yourself unconditionally, paint your feelings class - it’s an on demand wake-up call to reclaim your freedom.

I’m not going to TEACH you anything. I’m not going to TELL you how to live. What I will do is GUIDE you through new ways of understanding yourself, I will prompt you to become MORE disagreeable, I will ask you to be MORE selfish, and I will challenge you to be MORE aggressive in the pursuit of your dreams. I will help you (re)design your life to get what you want most.

You might be thinking, ‘I’m the most self-aware motherf*cker on this here green earth, how will this help me?’.    

I hear you, I really do. You know who you are, NOW let’s figure out WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME and HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE to get MORE - more passion, more excitement, more of everything that matters to you.

The Transformer online workshop is facilitated by me, Kelly Jo.

As a second generation black sheep I know first hand the deep fear of losing my ideals, compromising my autonomy, and frankly - selling out.

I received my first (big time) job offer when a man in a suit approached, extended his hand and said, “You’re the kind of person we love to hate, consider this a job offer.” I’ve been lighting professional fires ever since. 

After spending over a decade working for Fortune 500 companies, surrounded by suits, I found myself deep in a foreign world - at odds with my values - surrounded by people who were not my people.

Just like you, I wanted more. More guts. More passion. More freedom.

Since leaving the suits behind I’ve helped thousands of people clarify their values, reimagine their dreams, and redesign their lives. I’ve brought together all that I’ve learned, from two decades of designing systems (and redesigning my own life), to create a workshop that is both comprehensive and deceptively simple. 

I’ve worked hard to squeeze out any fluff, to weed out any time-wasters, and to do what I do best - take messy interconnected systems and distill them down to the heart of what matters most. 

In the Rebel Mind workshop you will:

Reclaim your INDEPENDENCE by understanding who you really want to be

Ignite your DRIVE by knowing what you really want to achieve 

Take your FREEDOM by creating a life that reinforces what you really care about.

It's time to reclaim your freedom, and live the life you really want

If you feel trapped, disillusioned, and stuck - do something about it. Stop waiting for your life to change, stop making excuses, stop acting your age - it’s time to disrupt you thinking, and sell-out proof your life.


It's time to change your life

Class begins January 1st 2021




9 Modules

86 Page workbook


Help when you need it





9 Modules

86 Page workbook


Help when you need it


It's time to prioritize YOU!

Take the leap from who you are, to who you want to become









Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the course materials on January 1st 2021

The workshop is comprised of ninne modules. Each module will take about one hour to complete.

The secondary components, which include optional activities and tools, can take an additional 1-4 hours.

Nope. You can go at your own pace.

You'll have access to the workshop materials forever.

Nope. You can participate however you please. There'll be playback videos, so you won't miss a thing.

You will be able to communicate with me directly, and you can connect with your fellow students within the online modules.

"Your life is your life. Know it while you have it."

- Charles Bukowski


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