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Find Your Life Purpose in 10 Short Activities

An online class to help you get the life you really, really want

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When you live with purpose your life gets immeasurably easier

- you have more time, more focus, and far less stress. Big decisions become simple, good-choices become automatic, and living bravely becomes second nature.

In this class you'll complete a series of deceptively simple activities to help you understand the life you REALLY want, and the actions you need to take to get there.

Take this class if you want to:

  • Find purpose and act on it
  • Be confident in making life decisions
  • Fulfill personal dreams
  • Kickstart or re-evaluate a project or career


This class provides the structure for you to:

  • Define your life purpose, articulating what is most important to you.
  • Create a strategic life plan to keep the goal the goal.
  • Align your values and goals to be successful on your terms.
  • Act on your values and life purpose daily.

"I took this class because I needed direction and an actionable plan to obtain my goal. I know who I am and what I want, but I didn't know how to go about getting there or what values and needs were driving me. Kelly seamlessly flowed from one activity to another, providing introspective opportunities to get into the niche of my definition of success and (in activities 8-9) how to address each fear that was holding me back. Totally worth it."

Bria Johnson

"This is 1 of the rare classes that really engaged me. Kelly has a lovely demeanor, knowledgeable but not condescending. I did all the exercises and although I'm already quite goal oriented, this class helped to deepen my self-awareness, and sharpen my focus. Thanks, Kelly, nice work!"

Roxane Dayton

"This was an amazing adventure! Thank you Kelly for help us to discover our most profound and meaningful selves."

Juan Carlos Valdez

What you'll experience

You'll complete a series of deceptively simple activities that build on each other leading you through the process of creating a strategic life plan.

It'll start by helping you identify what's most important and will conclude with tangible action items. 

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Step-by-step instruction

Each module is broken down into easy-to-follow steps and includes stories, examples, and tips throughout. Videos and class worksheets help you every step of the way.


I'm Kelly Jo. I'm here to help you find purpose, live your values and DO more of what you love.

I'll help you find more time for what you care about and ditch the stress and uncertainty that gets in the way. 

I’ve spent the past two decades helping people and organizations disrupt their thinking and put their values into action.

I’ve brought together all I’ve learned from two decades of designing systems (and redesigning my own life), to create transformational tools for you that are both comprehensive and deceptively simple.

I've felt for myself the immense power of aligning your values with your actions. There is nothing as completely satisfying as having your life truly driven by your values - not what other people value, not what you THINK you should value, not what sounds GOOD, but what is real and true to who you are and who you want to become.

In this class I’ve worked hard to squeeze out any fluff, weed out any time-wasters, and do what I do best - take messy interconnected systems and distill them down to the heart of what matters most.

What it's like

In short easy to consume videos, I'll walk you through each activity, helping you adapt the course to your personal needs.

The class workbook is filled with activity worksheets to help you gather your thoughts and further guide you through each activity.

Go at your own pace. Some students like to go through the lessons in a day or two, others take more time. 

You have access to the lessons forever - you can revisit them any time you want clarity and focus.

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Proven process

There’s a lot that goes into re-prioritizing your life and getting rid of what's dragging you down. Expectations, regrets, commitments, and the roll-up your sleeves DOING of what matters most. It’s a lot to figure out, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

And you don’t have to figure it out alone.

I've helped over two thousand independent thinkers reclaim their freedom, remove stress, and do more of what they truly love every day. You can too.

Money-back guarantee 

Students get great results from this class which is why I am confident this class can help you get the life you really want. If you are not satisfied with the course after you complete four or more of the class activities you are welcome to a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

"This course really helped me to evaluate what's important to me and to clarify what I want to do with my life. At a time when I've been struggling with feeling like I'm not living up to my potential, this course was fantastic! Thank you!"

Jordyn Stewart

"Very useful class in helping to clarify what is important to you, why that is so, and to set up a plan to reach those important goals."

Tank Thunderbird
Student & creator of the best profile name ever

"This class was very effective at helping organize all those thoughts and dreams swirling around in your mind. It provided a tangible way to clearly define goals and expectations. I highly recommend this class!! Kelly Jo's videos were positive, informative, and very clear. The handout was excellent, as well. I also enjoyed the additional updates Kelly Jo provided and the 'extra work' suggested. It helped push my limits. Big thumbs up."

Denise Sam

A complete life changing system

I've developed the simplest, most efficient path to find and live your life purpose.

Class overview


10 course modules

Note: Each activity includes video instruction and optional worksheets

The class introduction includes a welcome message, the course outline, objectives, and instructions for an optional class project.

In this activity, you will capture how you feel right now. This will help you take stock of what you’re currently prioritizing, and see your growth over time. Think of this as your transformation 'before' snap-shot.

In this activity you will identify and articulate what matters most. This will help you understand your motives and influencers, as well as what drives others.

In this activity, you will define how you can best take action to fulfill your potential. This will help you focus your time and energy from everyday tasks to big long-range efforts.

In this activity, you will define your unique definition of success. This will help you understand your own (and other people’s) motivations, and give you a clear way to judge your efforts and progress.

In this activity, you will articulate your life purpose and define your life mission. This will help you make your life purpose actionable, and give you a clear north star in your journey.

In this activity, you will identify how your capacities influence your success. This will help you develop dreams that are both challenging and obtainable.

In this activity, you will define the milestones that will mark your accomplishments. This will help you have a clear vision of the achievements you will work towards over the next 12 months.

In this activity, you will identify clear and meaningful actions you can take immediately. This will help you take the necessary steps to accomplish your milestones.

In this activity, you will define a routine that will help you accomplish what is most important to you. This will help you guard your most precious resource, your time.

In this activity, you will express how you feel about your future. This will help you see how far you’ve come, and build momentum for moving forward.

Who is this for?

You want MORE out of life - you have that nagging feeling that you aren't meeting your full potential and you feel like it's time to get what you really want out of life.

You're ready for a REAL change - your time fills up each day and you don't feel you're truly prioritizing the things that matter.

You want to RE-FOCUS how you spend your time - you’re ready to get what you really want by ditching distractions that are dragging you down.

You're EXCITED to explore future possibilities - you commit to your future self and take responsibility for your results.

Who is this NOT for?

You make excuses and blame circumstances (and other people) for why you can’t change. Don’t fear if you don’t know exactly what you want - this class will help you see the possibilities of what your future can be.

You want a quick fix to act like a silver bullet to solve all your problems. While this class is not a miracle cure, over a thousand students have taken this course with meaningful results - you just have to put a little work in and focus.

You don’t want to try new things - you want change without changing.  Luckily this class is fluff-free - helping you make big changes without a big time investment.

"Find Your Purpose" has been an invaluable experience in reexamining my goals and how to achieve them. Although I have read numerous blogs and books, attended classes, lectures, etc., this self-paced class has been the most successful in helping me clarify my goals and a path to achieve them. Kelly Jo gives clear and concise instructions and suggestions - and all in a matter of minutes a day!"

Sheila Meyer

"This class gets you thinking, and helps bring clarification to a scattered, confused mind that has no idea what path to take. The activities were informative and easy to do and brought a lot of insight to where I'm at in life and where I want to go."

Debbie G.

"This course has really helped me to combine my strengths and values and find a path in amongst all the muddle. I can't wait to get started with my Life Mission plan!"

Jo Marchant

Class introduction


Make a commitment to focus on you

Find Your Life Purpose in 10 Short Activities


What you'll get:

  • 10 course modules
  • Video lessons for each activity
  • 87 page workbook
  • Video transcripts
  • Help when you need it
  • Money back guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll have immediate access to all the course modules.

The course is comprised of 10 activities. Each will take between 20 minutes and an hour to complete.

You can go at your own pace. Some students like to complete the class in a weekend, others like to take a break (or two) to reflect and test out ideas.

You'll have access to the course materials forever.

Nope! I know learning styles and preferences can be wildly different from person to person so I've tried to make the class as adaptable as possible. 

I've included transcripts for each video in the activity description. Some students prefer to read ahead before watching a video, read over the transcript after a video, or they just want to skip videos altogether and skim the transcript if they get stuck in the workbook. Do what works for you!

You'll be able to communicate with me directly, and you can connect with your fellow students within the online modules.

Yes! The Find Your Life Purpose online course has a money-back guarantee.

Students are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences, as you can see by the great reviews, so there is no question the course works for people.

That said, if you are not happy with the course we offer full refunds for students within 30 days of their purchase who demonstrate they have completed four or more of the course activities. We require this because the whole point of taking the class is to take the class (see what I'm saying?). 

If you're feeling stuck or uncertain about the course activities you can reach out at any time for personal help.

I donate 10% of gross sales of the Find Your Life Purpose online class to theAmerican Civil Liberties Union's (ACLU) Foundation.

I fully believe in the ACLU's mandate to push freedom forward. As their mantra states: Freedom Doesn't Protect Itself. 

Note that Kelly Jo and the online course Find Your Life Purpose are not affiliated with the ACLU.

"This class was incredibly helpful in helping me define life goals more clearly, while taking into account my own strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences."

Fiona Akomolede

"Like most people I imagine, I have big ideas and severely lack on the follow through. This was really insightful on how to translate those ideas into real action!"

Casandra Peters

"As I've been unclear about life goals & where to even start this made me feel comfortable that I'm now able to better understand the actions I want to take & how to implement them in my life. Great exercise for those who've felt lost like myself."

Alexis Alvarez

Prioritize YOU

Take full control of your life and focus on what really matters.


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